Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For any questions related to bugs, go to the Bugs & Solutions page.

My earlier games (before July 2017) were recorded with AMD ReLive using my HD 7870 graphics card, but then I upgraded to a 2nd hand R9 390X and for some reason AMD ReLive stopped working, so now I use OBS Studio.

I created my own program in Java that shows my key-presses. This program is not (and will not be) available for download.

I upload games under the following 3 conditions:

1. The match has to last at least 10 minutes. This is because of YouTube advertising reasons... this way I can place the advert at the end instead of at the beginning. Personally I hate it when an advert interrupts me when I watch a video, and this way, at least you don't get interrupted. Also, a video shorter than 10 minutes is just too short for people to enjoy.

2. I need to either win or be one of the last to die. The reason for this is because I don't record my voice when I play. In other words, if I die 10 minutes into a Defcon free for all and there are still 4 players left, I will just sit there moving the camera around... not very entertaining.

3. It needs to be an entertaining game. If it's a boring game with no real exciting parts, or I played very badly, then I simply don't upload it because there is no entertainment value to it. Sure, this is subjective to me and my concept of what a good game is, but I prefer quality over quantity.

As a result, games where I play well that last longer than 10 minutes, and sees me survive until the end, yeah... they more often tend to be games where I win. However, I lose plenty! I would say I win only about 20-50% of the time.


  • Ryzen 7 1700 CPU
  • Arctic Freezer Xtreme Rev.2 CPU Cooler pimped out with a Noctua NF-S12B (truly amazing cooling!)
  • ASUS PRIME X370-PRO motherboard
  • G.Skill Ripjaws 16 GB DDR4
  • ASUS R9 390X Graphics card (2nd hand, default clocks)
  • Samsung 960 EVO 1 TB SSD
  • ASUS PCE-AC56 AC1300 802.11ac 5GHz WiFi card
  • Corsair Vengeance 650 Watt 80-PLUS Bronze power supply


  • Dell U2415 Display 1920x1200@60hz -- capable of 84hz OC
  • Sweex KB100US keyboard (damaged; gift from friend)
  • Razer Abyssus V2 gaming mouse
  • Plantronics wireless headset

I play on both but mainly on GameRanger.

Go away, and don't ask me what I think of abortions either!

You can find players through their GameRanger ID. Mine is 1570378. Don't expect me to add you as a friend because I'm already at my friend limit, but you can always send me a message. 😀

Let them play it alone. Explain the factions to them and then let them play the campaign on easy.

Currently I live in Malta (the country).

Between 25 and 35.

Since 2004, but with many big breaks of years in between.

No, probably not. I like my privacy.

Yes, I love you very much. You are a unique snow-flake and should be proud of yourself! 😀

If you are a hot female between the ages of 18 and 24 you can ask me for my phone number, assuming my wife doesn't mind. Otherwise you can share my videos with other people, and you can always treat me to a piece of cake! 😁