Bugs & solutions

In-game exploit bugs such as the SCUD Bug, Microwave Tank Bug, or any other bug of a similar nature will not be described here. Don't ask about them either--no one is interested in teaching them to you.

Easy solution: Insert the first game CD. You can do this by physically inserting the actual CD if you have it, or by mounting the ISO file of the first game CD.

Lag is caused by 3 factors: slow/unstable internet connections; firewalls & virus scanners; slow computers. If only one of the players has a problem in these areas, all players will be affected. If other players call you a lagger, the info here should help you (most probably the 3rd factor is your problem).

Factor 1: Slow/unstable internet connections

Lag caused by slow/unstable internet connections will cause short game freezes of less than 1 second at a time, and occaisionally show the disconnection menu for a few seconds. Also, the worse the connection between all the players, the slower your units will react to commands.

If you have GenTool installed you can see the connection quality of the game.

The lower that number, the better the connection, and the faster your units will respond to your commands. The best you can get is 10 and the worst you can get is around 64. The image above (55) is pretty bad, so you must assume big delays when giving orders to your units.

Many people believe that just having a good download speed means you have a good internet connection without any lag, but this is untrue. Upload speed is also very important when it comes to online gaming. Ideally you should have a download speed of 5 Mbps or more and an upload speed of 2 Mbps or more. In other words, if you have 100 Mbps download speed but 0.5 Mbps upload speed, you will have lag!

Factor 2: Firewalls & virus scanners

Some of you may be skeptic of this, but it is true. C&C Generals is an old game and uses old (dangerous and unstable) protocols for playing online. Most firewalls and virus scanners will therefore scan all data being sent-to and received-from the game. If a firewall or virus scanner marks some of this data as a false positive the data can be greatly delayed (causing lag) or blocked (causing something known as the 'bug' where the disconnection menu will appear but no one will be disconnecting). Firewalls/virus scanners also cause slow-loading when playing on GameRanger.

For smooth gameplay it is therefore recommended to switch off all your firewalls (e.g. Windows Firewall / Windows Defender, router's firewall) and virus scanners (e.g. Windows Defender, Norton, BitDefender). It does expose your PC to the internet and makes it more possible for someone to attack/hack it, but if you do this only when playing the game you will probably be okay.

Factor 3: Slow computers

Many players play on old hardware or slow laptops. This sometimes causes the game to run very slow. This type of lag is different from the others as it reduces the overall game speed. Watch this video below to help fix the problem as much as possible:


If reducing the graphics does not fix it for you try reducing the resolution in the Options menu to as low as possible.

Easy solution: Open the game menu, select 'Options', then click 'Accept'.


Easy solution: Press F9.


Mismatches are caused when a player is no longer synchronized with the rest of the players (see 'What is synchronization?').

A mismatch can randomly occur--sometimes a firewall might block the game for a short period of time, so a particular command is not received by one of the players. This might occur once every 100 games (the more players and the longer the game, the higher the chance of a mismatch).

One of the most common reasons for a mismatch is that one of the players is using maphack. All maphack applications drastically increase the chance of a mismatch occurring. So if before it was 1 in 100 games that would mismatch, now it will be 1 in 20.

Another reason why mismatches occur is because players can force a mismatch using certain cheat programs (I will not tell you which program, or help you achieve it on your own, and don't bother asking either). How often does this happen? Well, it depends who you play with. If you are playing against someone and you are sure they use maphack, then if the game mismatches as you are about to destroy their last building, then yes it is likely that the maphacking player caused it since he already doesn't mind cheating. It is not proof that he caused it, just highly suspicious.

Synchronization, in its simplest form, means that every player has an exact identical copy of the match. When playing multiplayer every time a player performs an action (e.g. construct a power plant), this action is sent as data to all other players. The other players receive this data, and in their copy of the match, the dozer will then start to build a power plant. As long as all actions are replicated correctly and at the right time, the game is considered synchronized. The moment the game is no longer synchronized (e.g. you construct a power plant, but in the other players' copy of the game your dozer is not building a power plant), then a mismatch will occur.